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Weekly Featured Home for Sale-New Braunfels!

Click here for todays Featured Home: 1216 Ruddy Duck


Posted by: Michael Smith | March 15, 2013

Our New Business page!

I have created a new business page at To go there now click on the button below:

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Now is the Time to Sell or Buy if you are a Veteran!

Central Texas has its fair share of retired Veteran’s living in this part of Texas. Many have used their VA to purchase their present home or homes in the past. How many of you have yet to use those benefits?  VA is one of the best deals going for the purchase of a home out there. The maximum loan is $417,000 and  the interest rate is relatively low as well. If you are Veteran and you wish to sell you now have the option of qualified assumption of the existing loan if you sell to another Veteran.

I learned this this week at one of our company training session put on by Blue Bonnet Mortgage. If you are a Veteran and you wish to buy or sell I would love to make an appointment to  discuss your options and also get you in touch with thee mortgage team that I do believe can get it done successfully for you.

Let this Veteran Help you in your next real estate transaction to make it go as smooth as possible. To contact me use the “my website link above.


Posted by: Michael Smith | October 23, 2012

Central Texas Luxury Home Sales-What is Happening?

I have taken the liberty in last few days to look at this category of residential sales in the five major counties that make up the  Austin/San Antonio Corridor and have discovered a few interesting facts. I have recently completed the luxury home certification course and If you use their definition that a luxury home is twice the average sales price in the county the following base figures are valid as of October 2012.

Bexar                                         $468000 plus

Comal                                        $487000 plus

Guadalupe                               $382000 plus

Hays                                          $450000 plus

Travis                                       $612000 plus

There is one county in the five where luxury needs more specific definition to be truly considered a luxury home. Guadalupe county is that county as you can see it is the lowest figure in the above stated case.(Double the average sales price) Luxury can also be identified with numbers of rooms and amenities available to better define that it is luxury classed property. Our new company does define this category as homes of distinction and the price point is $750000 plus

There are in all f ive counties combined as of October 2012 some 1675 active luxury class homes and there have been in the last ten months only 657 properties sold. If you like to purchase this type of home the cheapest county that has the most sales per month is Bexar County. Travis county has the most picturesque properties in the five county survey and the most expensive of the counties in the survey.

If you are in this market either as a buyer or you wish to sell I can be of service to you. I can prepare a listing of the homes that have sold and the active ones in the areas that you as a buyer want more information on or as a seller what is selling in your neighborhood. Email me at michael smith@bradfield or you can call me direct at 830-708-3007 and mention luxury home article and you might just save 1% on commission if you are planning to sell soon.   I love the opportunity to serve you either as your buyer agent or sales agent.


Posted by: Michael Smith | October 14, 2012

Foreclosures are Down in Central Texas

  The months of August and September have been slim to none in numbers of properties in Foreclosure status. The one factor that I am seeing at this time related to this category is the former owners are staying in the properties longer and the eviction process is extended at this time.

  To illustrate this I am just going to take the numbers of active Fannie Mae properties currently on the market

Bexar County                     133

Travis County                      51

Hays County                         10

Comal County                         6

Guadulupe County                6

These numbers were dramatically different last Spring then they are right now. Still if you have the credit to purchase a property now is the time to look at some of these listings. You do need a good Realtor that is familiar with all the ins and outs of the process with all the government agencies and some of the banks. Step one find that Realtor, then step 2 find your lender. You must be able to be pre-qualified in order to bid or make an offer on any of the properties in this type. a letter from the lender must go with the final contract. I now have the ability in house to get you pre-qualified even on weekends.

Note also prior to looking at these homes that Owner Occupant offers have the highest priority with any of the governmental agencies. Each of them reserve the first 15 days for owner occupant offers only. If you are purchasing for investment note also you cannot purchase a Fannie Mae/HUD home as a 1031 exchange.

If you would like more specific information (Monthly Listing of properties for Sale in Central Texas)              Click Here or just contact me direct by email at  I also look forward to your comments here on my blog.

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New Trends-Kitchen Design

Every Sunday I will post a video of the newest Trends out there that will make your home sell faster or if you buying something to ask for.

Posted by: Michael Smith | September 19, 2012

So You Want to Sell your Home Fast?

There are many of you out there trying to sell your home because you need to be elsewhere in a  short amount of time. Depending on where the home is you do not have a lot of options usually. Often a home needs to be exposed to the market for 3-4 months on average in Central Texas region.

The key for selling fast is exposure, exposure and pinpoint marketing of the product. Here are the negatives that often have to be overcome:

  1. The property must be in “Move-in ready” condition- any visible repairs will have to be repaired before marketing preferably or as close to the beginning of the listing as possible.
  2. Price must be in line with the Market and the competition-Over-pricing at the beginning is definitely a negative that you cannot afford to make.
  3. properties just listed in MLS (One) and not online often take longer to sell then those that are marketing and exposed to largest number of buyers and buyer agents.

My philosphy as an listing agent is that I want sell your home for the highest price possible in the shortest time. I have the tools in place to accomplish that for all that want to sell  here in Central Texas. Here are some of the tools I have to offer you the seller.

  • I belong to 3 MLS services (Austin-Central Tx and San Antonio) I offer all three in some cases but 2 of them all cases.
  • I now can pinpoint direct market your home to buyers in a radius of your neighborhood that are looking for the characteristics of the home your selling.
  • I have at my side Better Homes & Gardens DIY and other helpful videos to help on those repairs.
  • My Service area Is from South Austin to Northeast San Antonio-Counties served Travis, Bexar,Hays, Comal, Caldwell,and Guadalupe.

If you need to sell you need an agent that can deliver more than just listing that has the knowledge base tools to get the home sold in the least amount of time. I would  gladly talk to you privately about your home anytime so I encourage you to call me for an appointment today!  Click the logo below to visit my company website and see some of the tools for yourself.

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate is Alive In Austin/San Antonio Corridor.

Yes for over a week now I have been retraining as a Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate agent with Bradfield Properties. For those that follow this blog you will soon find out what I as an agent can offer you in terms of first class service on residential, commercial  and farm and ranch. It has taken me a week to get my feet wet with all the new tools I have to market homes for my sellers with pinpoint marketing direct mailer campaigns and my buyers clients can benefit from the lifestyle search system which will allow me to hone a search to the best fits possible

On Wednesdays my post will be a series of videos dealing with color  and its effect in the Marketing of the home.I am still learning the new company ways of doing things. I have a lot to absorb in a short time. I have only worked for the same broker for ten years.  You do become very comfortable over time that  it does not occur to you that it would change some day. For us it was overnight on September 5th, the morning of the 6th we were no longer Century 21 but Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate-Bradfield Properties. I like what I am seeing so far! and I plan on staying. So I invite you to follow us   if you live in Central Texas and you are interested in either selling or buying real estate. You will receive tips and how do’s to everything real estate in the Austin-San Antonio corridor.

Visit my new Company website today by clicking the logo below.

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The Power Of Color-Master Series

This is powerful knowledge to get your home sold faster.

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